Stepping Out Of Mediocrity And Living A Life Of Excellence


This module has a series of activities to complete on what living a mediocre life looks like and how to get out of the rut of living a mediocre life by changing your thought patterns to actionable habits to live a life of excellence. Take a closer look also into what living a life of excellence looks like, the six steps of living a life of excellence and how to start planning your life on a daily, weekly, and monthly basis with focused action plans.


It’s important to understand the world of mediocrity and the mind-set associated with mediocrity before we walk towards excellence. We shall go into what a mediocre mind-set looks like and how essential it is to move out of mediocrity and shift into excellence.

To live a life of excellence involves living our life in accordance to our calling and our purpose, something above average and mediocrity. A life wherein we make a difference to someone in some way or the other. A life that is not self-centred or self-fulfilling. A life so well lived that once we move on, we’ve left the world a better place.


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