“Be mindful of what you feed not just your body but also your soul.”

EVE - Equip Enable Empower

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EVE stands for
Emancipation, Value, Excellence

Emancipation – is to be set free. We can live a life of excellence when we emancipate ourselves from the past and release our past to where it belongs.

Value –  is the worth and regard you have for yourself. By finding your identity in who you are, discovering the value in yourself  helps you to stop looking for it elsewhere. You then cease comparing yourself  to others, find your unique self and work towards your dreams turning them into reality.

Excellence – is the  quality of being outstanding and brilliant. This comes with acquiring an understanding of your weakness and strengths and strategically planning to overcome the former to improve the latter.

Mastering the art of living is a skill that is learnt not bestowed on us with the natural process of aging. Through my organisation EVE-Equip Enable Empower, I hope to equip you with the skills to be emancipated from the past, Enable you to find Value in your identity and be Empowered to live a life fe of Excellence.