“You are more valuable than you think you are.”

Alfeen Varghese

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Transforming Lives Through Empowerment

I’ve been working in the health industry since I graduated from Medical School in 1994. I am also an Empowerment Coach and the Founding Director of the organisation, EVE -Equip, Enable, Empower Inc and co-founder of Varghese Consultancy which delivers coaching & leadership training to individuals and corporates. The mission of the organisation is to “Transform lives through Empowerment”.

I completed The John Maxwell Certification Course in Speaking/Coaching/ Mentoring & Leadership training from America in 2017. I’ve had the opportunity to be the keynote speaker at several events both locally and overseas. I’ve also held conferences for women & workshops for high school students to develop leadership skills in the next generation.

EVE-Equip Enable Empower is about equipping, enabling and empowering women holistically, to find their value and true identity. I truly believe that when women get confident about themselves, it’s not just themselves but it’s also their families and therefore the community that is hugely benefited.

My vision is to encourage and help women explore their potential, find a process to develop it to the maximum, and live a dynamic life of excellence. I believe that both men and women have an equally important role to play in society & women’s empowerment is not to be achieved at the cost of disempowering, demeaning or disrespecting men.

“Our todays are a reflection of how we’ve dealt with our yesterdays.”

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Unlearning Childhood Programming to living a Life of Excellence

Course 2: From Stress to Empowered Living​

From Stress to Empowered Living

Course 3: Mastering your Mindset: Unlearn Childhood Programming to live an Empowered Life​

Mastering your Mindset: Unlearn Childhood Programming to live an Empowered Life

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What they say about us

Virginia Boyd

“It is hard to describe the feeling when you hear Alfeen speak, she is an amazing and inspiring individual, it leaves you wanting more.”

David Kapay

“Compelling, inspiring, loving. Alfeen captivated my guests and spoke with passion, elegance, and dignity. Gratitude to the world.”

Ps Anne Madjling

“She has truly empowered and inspired everyone to live a more excellent and successful life giving real and practical keys to use.”