"You are what you've overcome."

Empowerment Coaching


In the past 25+ years of working in the health industry in 3 different continents across healthcare systems, I’ve also obtained a certification from John Maxwell 2017 in Coaching, Mentoring, Motivational Speaking, and Leadership training.

In addition, as a medical doctor, I’ve been exposed to a wealth of experiences that have positively impacted me.

In my previous role as Director of the Medical Practice and also currently as the Founding Director for my organisation, I’ve been able to coach many individuals based on my experience and expertise. 

I’ve since created a few courses on empowering women to live a purpose-driven and fulfilling life.


I’m a fully trained Motivational & Inspirational speaker having obtained my Certification course from the John Maxwell Training Programme in America.

My passion to inspire people to expand their horizons and step out to step up has been instilled in me from my practice as a doctor for the past 25 years.

People fascinate me. The ability of the human mind to extend itself given the right direction fires me up.

The impact that I can potentially make in people’s lives and help them live their life to the fullest potential is of far more significance than one of personal success.

I have spoken at several events locally and internationally. Contact me if you require me to discuss how I can serve you or your organisation.