For those of you who don’t know me, I’m a fully trained Doctor with working experiences that range across 3 continents from India, UK, and Australia.

You might wonder how a Doctor is involved in Empowerment Coaching.

My Story

My journey began in mid-2012 when I was the Co-Director of a large Medical practice in Australia.

In my experience of working as a Doctor since 1994 across 3 different continents, I’ve always found the human mind very fascinating and had noticed with keen interest how my patients would react to varying stressors in their life.

While some were completely overwhelmed by a simple event, others would sail through and overcome the overwhelm without being incapacitated.

I noticed that neither education nor the amount of money in their bank accounts was determinant for confidence, joy and living a fulfilling life.

I saw a lot of educated and wealthy women struggle with the day-to-day challenges of life as much as women from a lower socio-economic background. Their struggles were real and involved most aspects of their personal and professional life.

I was able to speak into their lives not just as their doctor but also as a coach and mentored them during difficult phases of their life journey resulting in significant positive changes.

Being a witness to the journeys of my patients served as a source of inspiration to me. I soon realized that I could help people from different walks of life live this journey without being rendered helpless. 

At the same time, I invested in my growth. I found myself coaches and mentors who spoke into my life. I devoured books on personal development, completed courses on leadership training, coaching, mentoring, and speaking. I became a fully certified coach, mentor and motivational speaker in 2017.

I started my organisation called EVE- Equip Enable Empower. EVE stands for Emancipation, Value & Excellence.

Alfeen Varghese - About me

I was awarded a Victorian government grant in 2017 for offering leadership training to 100 high school students for 16 weeks. I have since delivered team-building exercises to local organisations, mentored professional women in their journey, have been the keynote speaker for multiple events both locally and internationally.

I am who I am today because of the huge input and effort I’ve invested into my personal growth. I’ve been Emancipated from the past, found Value in myself, and live my life with Excellence in accordance with my Values.

I completed the John Maxwell Certification Course in Coaching, Motivational Speaking, Mentoring & Leadership training in 2017. I began imparting my thoughts to individual clients, small groups, and then large events both locally in Australia as well as internationally. I continued working full time as a Doctor, Business owner, Empowerment Coach, Motivational Speaker, Mentor, and Leadership trainer till 2019 when I started experiencing multiple health challenges and was diagnosed with Chronic fatigue following Thyroid surgery.

As I battled with my severe lack of physical energy, I realized that my mindset was going to play an important role in my recovery. My mindset was key in helping me navigate this journey of chronic pain and fatigue. During this period, I became passionate about preventing burnout amongst the next generation of women.

I came to realise that the sooner we start the journey of emotional growth, the more freedom we experience and the more liberated we become in the manner in which we think and behave. We begin to enjoy our relationships and live a truly empowered life.

I had a lot of course material that I had used as an empowerment coach during my 1:1 coaching program for clients. I was initially disappointed that I was not able to offer that to my clients due to my health condition. I decided that my inability to offer 1: 1 coaching was not going to stop me to continue to transfer this knowledge. 

My husband Dr. Ajit Varghese helped me collate and create the set of online courses titled Energise Your Mind. In addition, he has played a major role in my road to recovery. His faith along with his constant support and encouragement has been a huge driving force that is helping me in my journey of recovery. Energise Your Mind is dedicated to this selfless soul, my best friend, and life partner.

Dr Ajit Varghese