Course 2: From Stress to Empowered Living


If you’re struggling with motherhood as well as being a working woman, the courses I’ve created will help get you rid of the overwhelm, manage the anxiety and equip you with the tools you need.


The Course in particular is tailored to assist working women in their 30’s – 40’s to deal with the challenges of being a woman wearing different hats.

In this Course, I help you in demystifying stress, managing stress effectively by altering your attitude and behaviour. I’ll also be sharing with you coping strategies, some behavioural hacks and look at how incorporating some habits into your day to day life to help you do life with excellence, to thrive than just strive, to be a better version of yourself every single day.

Whether you’re a single woman in a workplace or a Mum managing both her home and career, stress is part of your life. I share practical tips on identifying triggers, managing them well and living an empowered life.


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