Course 3: Mastering your Mindset: Unlearn Childhood Programming to live an Empowered Life


The online program is a start to finish program to help busy women overcome the overwhelm from the past and live a truly empowered life.


Insecurity that manifests in adulthood often stems from our perception of childhood experiences. The toxicity of insecurity can affect us in such a deep manner that we forget our true identity and get caught up in the storms of self-doubt struggling with self-esteem that could stem from childhood programming.

Did you know that our responses to everyday challenges could be based on our childhood programming? How we’ve reacted to the childhood experiences and allowed our past to dictate the way we live our present is such a simple yet profound fact. In this course, we look at different aspects of childhood programming and uncover it step by step, unlearn the programming and emancipate yourself from the past.

You’ll also discover your true identity and values, step out of a lifetime of mediocrity into a world outside guilt where you learn to effectively manage stress with an empowered attitude.

I help you in demystifying stress, managing stress effectively by altering your attitude and behaviour. I’ll also be sharing with you coping strategies, some behavioural hacks and look at how incorporating some habits into your day to day life to help you do life with excellence, to thrive than just strive, to be a better version of yourself every single day. You rediscover your true potential for living the best life you can.


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